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Thank You!

We would like to acknowledge the following organisations which have helped us move towards the realization of our vision:

  • Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment
  • City Parks
  • National Development Agency
  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Health
  • WITS enterprise
  • WITS department of Civil Engineering
  • WITS Animal Plant and Environmental Sciences Unit
  • WITS department of Architecture & Planning
  • Food & Trees for Africa
  • BHP-Billiton Development Trust
  • NOPI Life – National Organic Produce Initiative

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Siyakhana Sponsors

  • National Development Agency
  • BHP-Billiton Foundation
  • Massmart
  • Discovery Health

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Get Involved with Siyakhana to Improve Health and Promote Sustainability in South Africa

JoinourListSiyakhana means “building one another”. At the Siyakhana Initiative we are committed to improving health and increasing the healthfulness of the urban environment, but we can’t do it alone. To achieve our vision we seek partners with a range of interests and skills. If you would like to donate your time to help achieve the health promotion and sustainability goals of Siyakhana we would like to hear from you.

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The success of the project can largely be attributed to the many dedicated volunteers who have so willingly given of their time, skills and expertise. If you are a hands-on person who would like to contribute your sweat equity and gain practical experience with food gardening and natural building, you are welcome to assist us with ongoing work. Contact us today and enjoy being a volunteer!

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Sponsor Us

sponsorConsider becoming a sponsor of Siyakhana! Siyakhana exists today because of generous sponsorship from organisations and individuals like you. If you are interested in supporting our work we welcome your sponsorship. To find out how to sponsor us, please emailĀ

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Research Opportunities

ResearchThe Siyakhana Project is closely linked to WITS university and works with a variety of departments and scientific disciplines.The holistic nature of our project provides many specialised research opportunities, and we welcome researchers who would like to expand our knowledge on the subjects of sustainability, urban agriculture and health promotion. If you are interested in any aspect of the Siyakhana project, please contact Michael Rudolph or Florian Kroll to discuss your research interests.