To grow capacity, leadership and create decent sustainable jobs through small scale enterprises, enabling South African communities to access and afford locally produced nutritious food through sustainable food gardens and healthier environments.

To promote healthier communities in urban, peri urban and rural South Africa by addressing food and nutrition security through a multi and cross disciplinary approach.

 Siyakhana is a change agent for promoting health, transforming communities and enhancing environments.

South Africa is in the midst of a food insecurity crisis: many go to bed hungry; a lack of dietary diversity leads to detrimental health outcomes such as diabetes and obesity; and micronutrient deficiencies cause stunting in children, which compromises future academic ability.

What is needed is a change agent that uproots old ideas and changes how we think, learn and practice urban food farming. And Siyakhana unequivocally achieves all of this: we tackle problems head on, offer a range of training courses, build trust and apply appropriate methods and technology.

Although Siyakhana may be perceived as being in the business of ‘plants’, we’re actually in the business of people, partnerships and potential. Essentially we’re working to promote health and enhance environments in which we live and we do this through networking with people in government, business and local communities, as well as collaborating with corporates, NGOs, Universities and schools.

I would like to thank everyone for the excellent work in our      garden. It      wasn't easy for the rest of us but we managed to work hard so that our project is successful.       Colleagues, your      leadership qualities       motivate others to give their best performance.     Thank you for motivating and guiding us to accomplish our goals in this project.    From Randjesfontein Primary Roots Cooperative member
Randjesfontein Primary Roots Cooperative
August 08, 2022
Firstly, I like to thank you for this opportunity    I'm so grateful to be  in this  project. Even though it was hard in the beginning,      preparing the land and preparing beds.I didn't know anything about agriculture. It is my first expereriance       the agricultural       industry and I don't want to lie      , I have learnt alot and the knowledge gained is priceless.      L     like      planting,      I nener knew      that when we plant      we do spacing but now I know. To my       knowledge I thought plants need      sun but no plants need the light of the sun.  I am happy about the experience that I'm gaining and      I am very proud to work in      agriculture and passionate about our garden. It is true that in farming its require a lot of physical effort but after all there are good and great benefits  Thank you.  From PHINDILE  TLOU
August 08, 2022